Nick Dooley

Alpha course

For those of you who don’t know, here in my Brooklyn Center neighborhood lives a Lao family whom I deeply love, the Chanthavongs. Over the last couple years Ketsana, her husband Sam, and their three amazing daughters Stacy, Maryanne, and Annie have endured much hardship. In October of 2009, Ket was diagnosed with hepatocellular carcinoma.

Liver Cancer.

Beloved friends, perhaps one day I will chronicle here the heart- wrenching, amazing, miraculous drama that unfolded since she was she was diagnosed.

But now, for brevity’s sake, I can say that Ket is now cancer- free. That through this, she and her family has powerfully come to know Christ. That mountains of medical dept have crumbled and fallen down before our eyes.

I’m doing the story a severe injustice,  but I wanted to create the backdrop for this latest bit on news.

My dear friend Mel recently invited Ket and Stacy to an Alpha course through Substance church. They LOVE it. I personally am long overdue to check in with that family, but I hear reports of Ket’s crazy deep love for Jesus. Stacy also carries her new bible around with her at school, evoking interest from all her classmates and teachers.

She’s fierce.

Continue to pray for this family, they are not out of the woods yet with the cancer currently in remission. Financially they are still in great need. Pray also for their faith and love for Christ to grow, take root and bear fruit.

Strength and Honor,



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